Finger Food Packages
$15 / person


Choice of 3 pieces of finger food

& 1 serve of a fruit platter.

(VALUE ASSURED: photos here don't depict exact quantity)

Ninin's Fried Chicken_edited.jpg

Ninin's Fried Chicken
"NFC  "

Delicious fried chicken pieces, Ninin style

Risoles 2_edited.jpg

Savoury Crepes

Savoury crepes with chicken, white sauce & vegetable filling

Tahu Isi - Tofu Vegetable Morsels.JPG

Tofu Puffs
"Tahu Isi"

Mouth watering tofu parcels with cabbage, carrot, onion and garlic

spring rolls.png

Spring Rolls 

Vegetable spring rolls


SweetMungbean Balls

"Onde Onde"

Sticky rice balls with mung bean filling & a sesame seed topping.

Dadar Gulung - Sweet Crepes_edited.jpg

Palm Sugar Crepes
"Dadar Gulung"

Coconut cream crepe filled with coconut & palm sugar.

Main Meal Packages
From $20 / person


Chicken or beef, white rice

and 2 serves of vegetables

(VALUE ASSURED: photos here don't depict exact quantity)

fish curry.png

Fish Curry

Curried Fish dish served with white rice, stir fried vegetables & peanut crackers.

beef rendang.jpg

Beef Rendang

Famous Indonesian dish - tasty beef curry.


Chicken Goreng

Chicken, bean sprouts, kangkung, onion, garlic, chilli paste and rice

(duck also available - extra)


Yellow Rice
"Nasi Kuning"

Chicken, potato & pumpkin, mild chilli / anchovy mix, corn fritter with tasty flavoured yellow rice


Indo Meatball Soup

White rice noodles, bean sprouts, bok choy

& fried shallots


Chicken Noodle
"Mie Ayam"

Chicken & mushroom sauce, meatballs, bok choy, bean sprouts

gado gado.png

Gado Gado

Indonesian vegetarian dish with peanut sauce.


Fried Chicken

Chicken, potato cakes, chilli egg, chilli anchovy & peanuts,

Other Delicacies Available

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(VALUE ASSURED: photos here don't depict exact quantity)

Chicken Betutu.jpg

Chicken Betutu

Marinated whole Chicken filled with delicious kale and Indo spices.

ayam geprek.jpg

Ayam Geprek

Soto Ayam 1.jpg

Chicken Soup
"Soto Ayam"

Steamed rice & vegetables with a special peanut sauce

Ikan Pesmol (fish curry).jpg

Spicy Fied Fish
"Ikan Pesmol"

Fish fillet with special Indo herbs and spices

nasi pecel.jpg

Nasi Pecel

Steamed Asian vegetables served with rice and peaunut sauce and side dish.

Ayam Bakar_edited.jpg

Ayam Bakar

Barbecue chicken marinated in delicious Indo herbs and spices.

Nasi Padang.jpeg

Nasi Padang



Chicken or beef sates served wth rice cakes and peanut sauce.

soup kimlo_edited.jpg

Soup Kimlo

Shitake mushrooms, dried tofu, chicken and veg.


Stir Fry's